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"Detection first ...           

... Safety boosted"

Still in our days, despite the enormous availability of fault and alarm detection systems, there are reports of serious or less serious accidents aroun d the world almost every week. Our mission is to develop engineering systems hunting for silent early  signs  of mechanical or thermal distress hours, days or weeks in advance so as to provide early warning alarms in order to trigger the human intervention as far back in time as possible.
Last of a series  of similar accidents  occurred in Italian coal-fired power plants, the sudden fire of Sep 11th 2013 at La Spezia definitely clarified that the conventi onal  fire  monitoring  systems  are  largely  insufficient  to  prevent  plant  shutdown  a nd risks for the workers. This  accident was  caused by  a silent temperature gradient from progressive mechanical friction in a coal dust conveyor belt, that is precisely the kind of prob lem that our product addresses and solves. Losses  of investment and16 human capital are huge every  year. Artificial vision and analysis algorithms can save lives and infrastructures with modest additional investments.

ENEL - Coal-fired power generation Plant “E. Montale ”- La Spezia (IT) Coal routing tower N.6, Sep 11th 2013

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